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Plan Your REALTOR® Safety Strategy

Follow Best Practices

NAR has compiled tips and best practices from subject matter experts, law enforcement, and industry veterans to help keep REALTOR® safe. View the resources on the REALTOR® Safety Tips from NAR webpage.

Examples include:

  • Always meet new clients at the office or in a neutral location, like a coffee shop
  • Share your schedule with a colleague, assistant, or family member
  • Communicate safety concerns on your listing (poor cell phone signal, etc.)
  • Do not overshare about your personal life
  • Do not host open houses alone
  • Check your cell phone battery and signal before heading to an appointment
  • Direct clients to walk in front of you when touring a property, do not lead them
  • Never go into attics, crawl spaces, or garages where you could be trapped

Always follow the safety protocols put in place by your state or local REALTOR® Association and brokerage.

If you aren’t sure what protocols are in place, ask your broker and call your local REALTOR® Association Executive and ask for an update on safety best practices.

Make a Year-Round Commitment to Your Safety

Invest Time in Ongoing Safety Education

Schedule time every month for REALTOR® Safety training and education. NAR offers numerous webinars, videos, and articles to educate REALTORS® on a variety of topics, including working with clients, open house safety, safety at the office, cyber security, and more.

Stay Up-to-Date With Resources From NAR

Check the REALTOR® Safety Program website regularly for new information and materials.

Code of Ethics and Professional Standards

To assist our members, member’s clients, and the general public, LASAOR provides services to assist in resolution of disputes that may arise out of real estate transactions. We process ethics complaints against LASAOR REALTOR® members and arbitrations between LASAOR broker members.

Filing an Ethics Complaint

Any person, member or non-member, may file an ethics complaint against a member and/or broker alleging a violation of the Code of Ethics or MLS Rules & Regulations. An ethics complaint should be filed when you want to charge a member with a Code of Ethics, Bylaws or MLS Rules violation. A Complaint must be filed within 180 days from close of escrow or date of discovery with the Respondent’s primary Association. You must submit a typed-written summary detailing the events that took place with time frames and any evidence you wish to submit. Your summary must support the actual Code of Ethics, Bylaws or M.L.S. Rules you are charging against the agent and/or broker. The Association has no authority to revoke a BRE License. To file a licensing complaint, contact the California Department of Real Estate at or call (213) 620-2072 or click here to file a complaint with the Department of Real Estate.


If you want to file a complaint, first read Before you File an Ethics Complaint” for clarification regarding what we can and cannot do.

If you would like to file a Complaint, please use the Steps to Filing a Complaint to assist you in completing the process. The process can take approximately 60-90 days in order to ensure due process to both sides.


The C.A.R. Legal Hotline is a free service for members seeking confidential legal advice about real estate issues. Members may use the hotline if they have questions about contract interpretation, arbitration, litigation, tax issues, commission disputes, disclosure requirements, fair housing issues, HOA laws, and more.

Attorneys are available Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM PST; Saturday, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Due to limited staffing on Saturdays, the hotline is restricted for only those questions relating to active transactions.

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