January 27, 2022

Fair Housing Day- Fair Housing For All

May 17, 2022 Free for C.A.R. Members How can REALTORS® ensure that every Californian has an opportunity to own a home? Click image to register California fair housing laws are ever-changing and wide-ranging. Additionally, our competitive and expensive housing market adds additional challenges for people with less access to generational wealth, particularly people of color. This day-long fair housing ev …

January 27, 2022

New C.A.R. HAF Closing Cost Assistance Grant

February 1, 2022 C.A.R.’s Housing Affordability Fund (HAF), in partnership with Neighborhood Housing Partnership Services (NPHS), Richmond Neighborhood Housing Services (RHS) and Neighborhood Housing Services LA County (NHSLA), will  join efforts to close homeownership gaps that impact the state’s underserved communities with the C.A.R. Closing Cost Assistance Grant Program. The program helps f …

January 27, 2022

The MLS Summit™ 2022

Tickets are now on sale for this power-packed day that covers the latest in real estate technology, marketing, policy, trends, and disruptors. Learn from the industry’s best! Click Image to Register Join us at The MLS Summit™ 2022 on June 23rd at the Skirball Cultural Center! Featuring an array of industry leaders discussing all aspects of real estate, from Housing Market Trends and Soc …

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